GSoD Status update

I want to provide and update of the GSoD Project - Documentation for Basic Modules. Today we (me and @timitos) had a videochat with @dave where he explained to us what the work he has done and how everything is structured.

After seen the result I have to congratulate dave for the amazing work. We have a very well structured base where we document the usage of the application but also how is designed.

At the current state we need to review all the documentation. I will like to focus specially on the usage part (where the users can find how to perform some actions). So if you are and end user it’s your time to contribute to the project. It will be great if you can review the usage parts of the reviews (the original topic has the link to the issues and reviews) and let us know which parts are you still missing. I’m going to leave my comments there but as Tryton user for some years I may miss some important parts.

If you are a Tryton implementator it be great if you can list use the most common problems that your users find, so we can include some text on the documentation to prevent them.

I has been great to talk with other community members, so I will like you to share a photo of our videochat:


I will try to review them after the release 5.8. I think it is not a problem to have the documentation after the release because it will be anyway available on
But my initial feeling from what I already saw looks very promising.
Great work! :clap:


I agree this is not a problem. On the conference we agreed that it will be good to have a result for the 6.0 release.
As shown on the seasson of docs timeline the program ends on the 5th of December so it will be great to have as much feedback as possible before this date.

Personally I find it hard to read in the review tool because there are links to other parts of the documentation. Is there a possibility to render them to the right format like and put it somewhere on the internet or as downloadable HTML pages?

I don’t think it would be too difficult for me to setup a separate “testing” version of the documentation on readthedocs.

I think it would be a good thing if it makes it more likely that people will provide feedback. Another advantage would be that we could see exactly what the documentation would look like, and how it is formatted. Also we would be able to double check that the markup works and gets displayed correctly.

Once the improvements are committed we could then take down the “testing” version.

What do you think?

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If you want to put effort in such thing, you can do it. I do not think it requires anything from *, you can setup a code mirror, push you changes there and trigger a readthedocs build with your personal account.

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I really think it’s great idea to do :+1:. To make a bit more noise, create a sticky topic here with a link to the documentation so it won’t be lost.

To push the current users on the forum here, send them all an email to review the new documentation :thinking:

You can find it using this post GSoD Preview of Module Documentation.

I can’t make it sticky, perhaps if someone else thinks it is a good idea then they could?

Although that may get more people to review the improvements, I’m a bit worried it might also annoy some people too. I personally don’t like the idea of sending people an unsolicited email and am unsure of where it would fit in with the GDPR.

Congratulations! Great work, Dave!

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I agree with dave here. We should not send the users an email but just let the users see this post and review the docs.

Feel free to share the link with more people to give it more visiblitiy.

It was kind of a joke :smile:. Personally I also don’t want that kind of email. But I’m still behind the possibility to make the topic sticky so it won’t get lost in the rest of the topics.

Sorry, I must have misread it and took it seriously! Let’s not start a war over this!