Debian integration packages for Tryton

I am glad to announce a new set of Tryton integration packages for Debian that allows one to setup a production grade Tryton environment with a guided setup.

The new available packages are

  • tryton-server-postgresql

    This package helps in the creation and setup of a PostgreSQL database
    for the Tryton server.

  • tryton-server-uwsgi

    This package helps in the creation and setup of an uWSGI frontend/backend
    for the Tryton server. Additionally it allows one to configure
    uWSGI daemons for Tryton workers and cron.

  • tryton-server-nginx

    This package helps in the creation and setup of an Nginx frontend
    for the Tryton uWSGI server. It also offers the automatic registration andd renewal of a configured domain with Letsenscrypt certificates.

  • tryton-server-all-in-one

    This package makes finally use of all the above packages to setup a
    ready-to-use production grade Tryton server environment including
    a database filled in with primary static data like countries,
    currencies and postal codes.

The packages are available for Tryton series 6.0

  • for Debian unstable and testing (bookworm) from Debian mirrors
  • Backports for Debian stable (bullseye) and oldstable (buster) from (Please have a look at the Debian Tryton Team Documentation how to configure your Debian system for their usage).

Thanks go to Freexian for supporting the development of this packages.


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