Categories: support for polyhierarchical taxonomy

Suppose I have products organized in the following categories:

Home / Batteries
Automotive / Batteries

If I want to get a list of products that are only in ‘Home / Batteries’ or ‘Automotive / Batteries’, I can go to Product / Categories and simply click on one of these two categories.

But if a product is in both the two categories ( ‘Home / Batteries’ and ‘Automotive / Batteries’), how do I go about finding that out?

This feature should be included in Tryton by default.

Then I could also create the following categories:


And then, for example, I could get batteries that are for just home use (Home AND Automotive), or for all types of batteries (Batteries).

Right now, this can be implemented by following the solution suggested here. Using filters combining multiple conditions.

However, if I want to use this in Sales reporting, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to do it:
If one wants to view Sales Reporting for products that are in both categories (Automotive and Home), there’s no option to select multiple categories.

Same goes for profit reporting in Products / Reporting / Margins.
If I have products in two categories, and want to view profits for those, there’s no simple way of doing so.

Here’s another typical scenario: A seller of shoes might choose to categorize products as follows:
Football shoes

Children’s sneakers are given categories [Children, Sneakers].
Men’s sneakers are given categories [Men, Sneakers].

How to view sales and profit reporting in this case for Children’s sneakers? No obvious way in this case in which categorization is polyhierarchical.