Cannot connect to a particular database

Hi, i’m trying to connect to a database and i get a notification with application error.
But when i connect to another database everything is good.

Using the client desktop on the first database i get an error

raise Fault(*response[‘error’])
tryton.jsonrpc.Fault: [‘project’]

Fault: [‘project’]

It seems that such database has the project module but is not properly configured.
You should check your system administrator to fix it.

thanks for your reply,
I’m the administrator just starting with tryton and learning. Can you please tell me what to do?

What I can think of is:

  • you have restored a database dump and want to connect to it. What I always do is first let Tryton check if everything is in order so doing a trytond-admin -c <tryonconf> -d <database> --all -vv. In this case I think Tryton will come up with the error that the project module is needed, but the module is not installed (code not found, so use pip to install or whatever install method you use).
  • you have a custom module which depends on the project module but it isn’t found

In all cases before connecting with the client, make sure the backend works properly by executing the trytond-admin command from the first bullet.

Thanks for your reply. I did that and i have the Missing dependencies: project
but when i tried to install the module via pip, it shows that the module already install

How did you install Tryton? If it’s in a virtual environment, make sure to have it activated when pip installing the module.

it’s not in a virtual enviroment , I’m just testing

OK, normally you would just use a virtual environment for testing. So when testing is done or you messed up things, you can throw it away and start over. I’m talking about a Python virtual environment (venv — Creation of virtual environments — Python 3.10.8 documentation).

But that said, did you pip install as normal user or as root / sudo? What does pip freeze say?

I pip install as normal user
pip freeze says trytond-project is installed

Thanks alot, i could solve it by using the trytond-admin command but instead of --all argument i used the module -u project.

Great to hear it works. To marks this as fixed, please check one of the messages as ‘solution’.

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