Can I use a trytond server of 4.6 to run 5.0 client

(Nicolas Évrard) #1

No the major and minor version number must be the same.

How to build Windows Tryton Client?

Ok I try to use trytond 5.0.3 for my gnuhealth server and am unable to start the server

(Nicolas Évrard) #3

I don’t think GNU Health has switched to Tryton 5.0 yet.


Ok what I really want is that I love the GUI of tryton 5.0 than 4.6

(Nicolas Évrard) #5

Yes it’s nice :slight_smile:.

But I’m pretty sure they won’t change it for released version so the best you can do is help GNU Health prepare their next version and hope for the best.


I can restructure the client which is 4.6 see if I can make the GUI like 5.0

(Daniel) #7

You can also use the new sao client deployed behind nginx to server the GnuHealth Server 4.6 deployed using uwsgi … have deployed it to a client and is working well and first

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #8

But you should use the 4.6 series of sao