Article created as asset (and not goods) does not generate invoice when shipment received - if accounting category unset


(Richard PALO) #1

as indicated Issue 8105: article created as asset instead of goods does generate invoice when shipment received - Tryton issue tracker

In purchase, we have invoicing set on reception of the shipment and we purchase both assets and goods from suppliers where it appears (as such) that assets block creating the invoice upon supplier shipment

Firstly, the invoice should be created whether goods or assets

Secondly, now that it doesn’t (or rather didn’t), how to trigger the processing to generate the invoice

(there is also a different problem with translation that complicates certain products incorrectly created as assets instead of goods, but that is independent of the processing problems)


update: apparently this was poorly explained to me, it turns out after some deeper investigation that the accounting category was not set!

This seems to be a case where accounting category is mandatory on a product for this processing, but it is not a mandatory field on the product itself.

Setting a category allows invoice creation for future shipments, but apparently does not re-invoke processing for shipments already done where the invoice was not created right away.

Would it not make sense to perhaps add a button to force re-processing ?
Where would this be - on the purchase itself? or on the shipment?

(Cédric Krier) #2

There should be an error logged on the server about that.

The field on product is not required because Tryton uses the default accounts in such case (if they are set).

Indeed the button exists but it is only visible on confirmed state, I think we should make it visible also for processing state but only to purchase administrator.

It is the processing of the purchase that must be re-triggered.

(Cédric Krier) #3

I created Issue 8113: Allow admin to trigger process on processing state - Tryton issue tracker