Add books metadata


Publishers and book retailers require to manage a lot of metadata on the book. The publishers generates those data and retailers receive them.
There is a common standard used to share those metadata: ONIX for Books.


We propose to create a module product_book which extend the product variants when they are flagged as book. A book can be obviously a good or a service when it is an eBook.
We propose to follow closely (but not necessary completely) the ONIX design but also trying to reuse existing concept in Tryton like Party, Identifiers etc.
As the number of attributes is very large, it is not possible to list all of them here. Also we can add them progressively. So the proposal is to update a review frequently with new attributes added for comment.

A second module is created edocument_onix which manage the generation of the ONIX file based on a set of products.

And finally a third module is created product_book_onix to manage the communication between publisher and retailers. So ONIX file for update are generated when the company is a source and products have been added or modified for a target. And received ONIX file are processed to update or create products in Tryton.


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