Action / command codes

The discussion restarted on twitter.
I still think the menu is enough and the right model to work with. But I can see there is a good point for “language agnostic” code for the menu. It happens often when doing support that user do not find a menu entry and it can be hard to explain if he is using a different language etc.
So I think it makes sense to have standard code for menu (being not standard would make the feature useless). Those code should launch the menu entry when it is exactly typed in the “Action” entry and “Enter” is pressed (but case insensitive). The code should be discoverable by the user, I think it could be shown by tool tip on the menu entry for example.
One issue is that code should be unique but it is complicated to enforce it on a modular system. It will be awkward to fail to install a module because it setup the same code as another module. This may be solved by raising a dialog box asking which menu entry to launch if a code correspond to more than one entry.
I think the code of standard module should be short, probably 3 or 4 ASCII letters.